**And I’m not speaking of adding more spinning plates by optimizing your calendar**

We are both the director and the actor of this play called ‘our life’. Even if we do not know it.

When we contemplate, consider, and envision a life different from what is, we move out of…

Our lives and the way we create the experience of them is a dance of what we can’t control (other people, outcomes, the world), and that which we can…..

It’s a short list.

(Hint: Ourselves)

In an obsessive tendency to force ourselves to the next level, we can abandon ourselves…

I used to believe that I needed more confidence.

If only I had more confidence I would have/do/be _______

Sound familiar?

I would spend all my time fighting for why I couldn’t be true to and honest with myself.

I would fight for why nothing could change.

I would fight…

One of the most challenging points of growth in my life has been learning to be with myself in silence.

Alone. Quiet. Sitting in a room (or elsewhere), allowing all the ways I distract myself to fall away.

Further this has become something I am present for and experience. Rather…

This is my Grandmother. She is 99.

And she is a change maker.

The only problem, she has never realized it.

And without that realization, her potential to impact lives has been stunted.

More importantly, her ability to feel her own wholeness and well-being, a far off dream.

For the…

Yesterday I spoke with a man about the potential of me supporting and partnering with him. He’s in the midst of a catalytic turning point in his life.

For the first time in his life…

He is single,

Physically cut off from community and codependent bonds,

And has no assurances…

Matt Hogan

Matt believes that for entrepreneurs and leaders to truly use business as a force for good in the world while creating profit, it starts with them.

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