Meeting yourself with open arms

Matt Hogan
2 min readJun 15, 2024


When you reach your final breath, various shades, textures, tones, and gradations of you, will have lived. You will have known yourself in innumerable ways.

Each moment of your life you were in a relationship with life. You were consistently engaging and experiencing a relationship with yourself in each moment that passed you by.

Whether you were sitting alone in silence, walking through the forest, in high-stakes conversations, or raising a family. Every moment, you were in a relationship with yourself.

It was not only the relationship you experienced having with the person in front of you, that mattered. It’s seeing the mirror. The mirror of self-image that influenced, only always, how you saw and experienced each person, place, and thing.

You may read this note above and say, ‘of course’.


The question I have for you today is this.

“When you take your final breath, do you receive the gift of looking back over your life, having met all versions of you with open arms?”

The part of you that….

  • Engaged with self and life from shame,
  • Said things that were later regretted,
  • Was afraid of being hurt and wanted to hide,
  • Judged others,
  • Judged you,
  • Prevented you from taking better care of yourself
  • Made it difficult to dream bigger
  • Longed to love big, and yet feared how it would be received.

Will you have met each of these aspects of you with open arms?

Will you see the magic in total acceptance of all that you were, are, and have been becoming?

Can you see today, how your life can evolve when dropping the tendency to shame, blame, guilt, and fight with yourself?

If you ever feel like you are fighting your way through life. Pause and take a look at how you are consistently fighting with gradations and aspects of yourself.

You deserve more.

Thank you for reading.

Be well,




Matt Hogan

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