My Grandmother. The Change Maker.

  • Lived through the Depression,
  • Supported her husband (my grandfather), while overseas during WWII,
  • Captured a speech for a US president,
  • Spent years mastering short hand and written word,
  • Supported her husband’s entrepreneurial efforts for years. Working long hours and earning to support the family, when his businesses didn’t do well,
  • Outlived her husband (since 1998). And at the time of his death, when the family was in pain, she was a light to those of us struggling,
  • Felt a tear in her heart as her granddaughter (my sister) died in her early 30’s. Once again, she remained a light for many in the family.
  • What would the world be without their courage, heart and way of choosing to navigate life?
  • What was the story they held about themselves that enabled them to do what they did?
  • And what stories of possibility did they create and step into?
  • A story and feeling of total self acceptance,
  • A story and feeling of worthiness and self-compassion,
  • A story of possibility vs contraction,
  • A story that unravels the self-talk that hurts and harms.
  1. What’s the current story I hold to be true about myself and the world?
  2. What is the generative side of this story?
  3. What is the dark side of this story?
  4. If I chose to rewrite one aspect of this story, what would it be?

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Matt Hogan

Matt Hogan

Coaching Leaders & Executives to Find Purpose, Clarity, and Alignment. | World Traveler | Soul Seeker | I help you through the hard sh*t.