Stop seeking to be liked and accepted

Matt Hogan
1 min readMay 31, 2024


Want to make a mess of your life?

Let it be about seeking more and more validation from your peers, family, friends, and the culture at large.

That’s a sure way to reach your deathbed wishing you hadn’t sought a menial existence by mistaking acceptance and validation as a means to feel whole and complete.

Pursuing a lifelong path of one compliment, accolade, title, and thumbs up after another, you will likely take your last breath knowing you wasted much of your life.

That is if you recognize what you have been doing.

And recognize that there is more to who and what you are, than a compilation of Facebook likes, ‘atta-boys’, and a filled bank account.

The question is, to what degree are you willing to take a look at the life you have been living? Your pursuits. The deeper motivations behind what you say and do.

What is your life about?

What are you here for?

What will you leave behind?

Have you answered these?



Fifty times.

Keep asking.

Imagine taking that final breath on your deathbed right now.

What does it have to teach you about your life today?

Be well,




Matt Hogan

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