What guides and informs the way you live life?

Matt Hogan
2 min readJun 7, 2024


This life could be defined, described, and articulated in countless ways. Our lives, life itself, are dynamic. Nuanced. Extraordinarily unique, complex, and remarkable.

Over the years I have spent ample time posting remarks, experiences, insights, and more. Yet, when I step back, it’s remarkable to see that, perhaps age-old message, ‘life is in the eye of the beholder’.

Many people may be asking themselves ‘What is my life about’

Or said differently, ‘Why am I here’.

Countless still, have no questions about their existence.

I have countless moments where I rigidly positioned myself towards the former, as a required way of living. As a necessity to live well. Like most perspectives, I can pull out elements of truth. Yet, nothing of an absolute nature.

It seems that each person is finding their way through life the best they know how. I won’t go as far as to say that life is crazy. Nor would I call life interesting.

At this point, I experience life as something that is.

Life is now. Life is this moment.

Perhaps, you will experience the next moment, and it will be that moment too. Life seems to come and go. Loved ones, peers, friends, and ourselves, vanish. Often, leaving a void in our lives that is emotionally dynamic.

Yet, even when one life seems to be lost, life continues to be here right now. What are we to do with our time? What matters most? Who are we to become as we walk alongside each other toward the seemingly inevitable end?

Numerous pathways may support us in answering these questions. One, all, or a few may be what is ‘real and true’.

  • Social roles and narratives
  • Destiny
  • Personal will and choice
  • Divine guidance and intervention

As we engage our lives — It seems important to remember that with something defined as ‘objective truth’, there is a level of awareness and experience that can point to the subjectivity of that truth.

So, instead of following old ways of rigidly positioning that there is a ‘right way’ to engage your existence…..the questions that come to me are this.

What do you experience guiding/informing/steering your life? (IE: Social roles & Narratives, Destiny, etc)

How is that serving your daily navigation of life?

Thank you for reading.

Be well,




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